Winter Solstice Goddess ceremony Perth WA

Birthing Mystery -Sat 21st June (Prep session Weds 11 June)

Light out of darkness: manifesting spirit.

We call forth all that is bright, shining with hope and inspiration – out of the dark womb of the universe, come forth! Be born!

As the longest night of the year approaches, we women gather in sacred space to celebrate this pivotal moment in the turning tide of darkness – the rekindling of the life-giving light.

Winter Solstice Goddess ceremony Perth WA
Cosmic Birthing Power

o Enter the sacred women’s circle – a space set apart from the demands of daily life
o Open your heart and mind to the vibrations of the divine feminine – allow your receptive self the luxury of being nurtured and held as you rest in the vibrant darkness where visions of new possibilities may emerge
o Tap in to the potency within that gives you the power to birth your boldest most daring dreams..

This is your invitation to reconnect with your birth-right as a woman : join your innate creative potential to the power which births stars and galaxies!

What is it you dream of creating in your life..
..for yourself ..for your family ..for your community?

This is your invitation:-

Enter the pregnant darkness of the Great Mother’s womb-cave.
Be bathed in the resonance of the cosmic heart-beat.
Feel the great waves of creative energy begin to pulse over and through your body.
Like sea-born Aphrodite rising out of the wombic waters of the ocean, like shining Ishtar rising triumphant from the dark place below, the star of your being arises reborn – shining with hope and possibility!


What dreams have you been gestating in your own dark spaces within which now seek to be born, to be made manifest in the world?

Bring: a plate of food to share, something small and lovely to give away (<$5), a snuggle rug to wrap around yourself if you get cold, a pillow or floor cushion.

I’ll be providing: A warm-up craft activity, a beautiful space dedicated to the Sacred Feminine, and a candle-lit devotional ritual in celebration of the winter solstice and the mystery of birth.

Cost $55 (Includes preparation session on Weds 11 June) PLEASE NOTE: IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU RSVP by calling/texting Ishara on 0415 593 408 (by Tuesday 10th June) or register online