Mandala of Motherhood – 26 Feb to 2 April 2014 – $450


Whole Mother: A mandala journey of healing & celebration / for mothers of babies

Feeling good about being a mum?  New motherhood is a time of naturally heightened emotional sensitivity.  If something about your pregnancy, birthing or post-natal experience has left you feeling blue, this group is especially for you.  The healing mandala process will help you claim and celebrate the awesome mother you are growing to be.   Even if you already feel fantastic about every aspect of your passage to motherhood, the process of creating your motherhood mandala will definitely bring fresh insights and a new appreciation for your inner qualities as a woman.

Who is it for?

  • This program is for Mothers of Babies, especially anyone who has had a difficult pregnancy, birth or post-partum experience.

What will you get out of it?

  • A fresh appreciation for yourself. Motherhood doesn’t just change how we are doing our lives, it challenges our old ideas about who we are at a most primal and fundamental level. The mandala healing journey invites creative play, and opens the way for fresh insights and understandings.  Discover the new you who is emerging.
  • Connection with other women. Newborn motherhood can be an isolating experience. The mandala healing journey allows us to connect with each other on a deeper level and feel the inner strength that comes with that connection.
  • Safe space to be with your feelings. ‘Good’ or ‘bad’, our emotional experience is heightened during the passage to motherhood, and all of these feelings have important messages for us about the woman we are becoming.
  • Claim your glory. No matter how challenging or even traumatic your experience of pregnancy, birth and/or new motherhood has been, there is always something of value to be discerned and celebrated
  • Create a visible symbol of your passage to motherhood – one that you can share with the important people in your life now, and keep as a treasure and a reminder in the days and years ahead.
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  • Six week group process
  • 2 hours per session – 10am to 12 noon
  • Min participants:  4
  • Max participants: 8


  • $495
  • Bookings essential. Use the registration form on this page
    or phone Ishara on 0415 593408
Program Outline:
  • Week 1 – Pregnancy – make quarter circle for pregnancy, share pregnancy stories
  • Week 2 – Birth – make quarter circle for birth, share birth stories
  • Week 3 – Motherhood – make quarter circle for motherhood, share post-partum stories
  • Week 4 – Womanhood – pre-pregnant self, the woman we are becoming – make quarter circle for womanhood
  • Week 5 – Circle of Strength – community, spirit – decorating the hoop, putting the pieces together
  • Week 6 -Healing Rite of Passage ceremony 
Program Aims: 
  • Create a ceremonial process to honour the life passage of motherbirth.
  • A safe space where women can name, honour and begin to transform difficult feelings.
  • Opportunity for women to give feelings expression and form through the art process.
  • Encourage women to reach out to others for emotional support – grow a community of support for the women.
  • Invite in symbols of feminine power. Invite women into relationship with: Mother moon, Mother earth.

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