Spark of Life – Tues 11 & Fri 21 March

By divine grace, a seed of new possibility takes hold.

A devotional ritual offered in celebration of Goddess as the transforming power of Love.

Join us in sacred women’s space as we celebrate the mysteries of the Divine Feminine on this Autumn Equinox.

This is the beginning of our annual cycle of ceremonies exploring the inner and outer cycles of creation in our lives as women. On this night, we prepare to dive into the darkness of the Mother’s womb as we celebrate the mystery of conception – through which new impulses are enabled to take on shape and manifest in the world of form.

The ceremony will be held on Friday 21 March from 7pm until about 10pm.  

There is a preparatory session on Tuesday 11 March which you are strongly encouraged to attend if you would like to participate in the main ceremony. At this session you will have the opportunity to begin to tune in to the energies of the equinox and to learn more about how it fits within the larger cycle of ceremonies.

Autumn equinox marks the point of balance between the hours of light and the hours of darkness in each 24 hour cycle.  From this point forward, for the next three months, the hours of darkness gradually lengthen until we reach the longest night, the point of mid winter, in June at the winter solstice (for those of us in the southern hemisphere).   In Goddess traditions, darkness is revered as a holy space of dissolution and rebirth.

The intention of this ritual is to clear space within ourselves for something new to happen – we don’t yet know what it will be. The journey begins with a dive into the unknown – a journey fuelled by the transforming power of She who is the Source, Centre and End of our desires. Just as the autumn equinox marks the tipping of the balance from light towards darkness, so our journey with the Goddess mysteries begins with a movement into darkness. In the same way the miracle of conception begins – unseen in the generative dark space of the Mother’s womb.
Bring: a floor cushion, a meditation wrap, a flower and a plate of food to share for supper.
Cost: $55 – includes preparatory session at Tuesday 11th as well as the ceremony on Friday 21 March.

Come prepared to be transformed!

RSVPs definitely required – please register online (or phone or sms Ishara on 0415 593 408)

The Star & Chalice ceremonies are inspired by ancient traditions of temple/indoor Goddess worship, including the creation of devotional altars.
The ceremony will include time for quiet reflection, as well as some guided meditation, chanting and/or dancing to help create/invoke the blessings of the divine. You are welcome to bring a written prayer and/or an offering of flowers, fruit or other goodies to place on the altar of the Goddess before or during the ceremony

Please feel free to pass the invitation on to other women who might appreciate this event.

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