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Reaching out for support: How can I help?

Emotional support over a cup of tea. Ishara is an intuitive coach and spiritual companion for women, based in Perth, Western Australia.
In the years I have been companioning women through the process of discovery and transformation which is called life,
I have found that often what is most needed is a warm and open-ended curiosity,
a willingness to sit with unanswered questions,
and hold a gentle loving presence
that enables a woman to get in touch with her own inner wisdom.


My favorite ways of working with you to facilitate your growth and healing include:

  • One on one, intuitive personal coaching – finding the questions that will help you to find and evolve your own answers to the practical, emotional and spiritual challenges life is offering you
  • Creative play sessions in the Radiant Woman playroom – using art materials and art journalling processes to tap into the wisdom of your subconscious mind using colour, patterns and symbols  (Let me know this is what you want when you book your coaching session)
  • Experiential astrology – an awesome system for gaining direct access to the energies and archetypes that are informing and shaping your life, through a deceptively simple process of  laying out the symbols of the zodiac in a circle and then stepping into the centre
  • Ceremonies and rituals – both the personal kind where I work with you to co-create a blessing circle or personal rite of passage ceremony to mark a transitional moment in your life or bring healing and resolution to a painful experience    – and also sacred ceremonies which bring women together in community to celebrate and explore shared themes in our inner and outer lives.

The Gift

If you sense a part of you that has been longing for permission to feel, to dream,  to discover, to play, to become.. then this is the gift I offer to you: the gift of being seen and heard and held in a receptive space of deep listening and trust that can enable your own deep wisdom to emerge and come to life.

It is a gift that I, myself, have been blessed to receive many times, and which transforms everything.

It is a gift that I find great joy and satisfaction in passing on to others.

It would be my very great pleasure to pass this gift on to you…

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My favorite kind of clients

I particularly love to work with women who:

  • are ready to embrace the changes afoot in their lives and grow through the challenges that life is bringing them..
  • are no longer willing to let the old fears and certainties hold them back…
  • are curious.. wanting to befriend more of their own hidden depths..

If this is you, please do get in touch!

These are the times we were born for. 

Our world is currently in a state of massive and rapid transformation.

We didn’t get into this mess by ourselves, and we won’t get out of it alone either.

Now is the time for women to lead the way
by listening deeply to the prompting of spirit
and the wisdom of our bodies,
and then stepping forward
to offer co-operative creative approaches
to the work of transforming ourselves
and our communities.

Do you remember?  Or can you glimpse?  What it will feel like when you are lit up from the inside with a sense of  peace, joy and certainty!

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