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A Radiant Woman Blessing Circle is a way to celebrate, honour and ease the life-transition you are going through.

Some examples of life-passages that can be celebrated in this way include:

  • becoming a woman (possibly around 16th, 18th or 21st birthday)
  • moving into a new home
  • starting a new job
  • making a career change
  • beginning a relationship
  • ending a relationship
  • pregnancy
  • before moving to live interstate or overseas
  • before setting off on a long journey
  • mid-life changes
  • becoming a grandmother
  • for support following a bereavement

A Blessing Circle may be held in honour of one woman, or for a group of women who are at a similar point in their lives.
Because life’s transitions are often a gradual process that occurs over a period of weeks, months or even years, you may wish to hold a Blessing Circle to mark the beginning, middle or completion of a major life passage.

The Blessing Circle process takes place within an intimate circle of women, generally in someone’s living room or garden.  The process includes elements of ritual, dancing, chanting, sharing from the heart, and a shared craft activity such as decorating prayer flags, creating mandalas, or putting together scrapbook pages to form a blessing book for the guest of honour.

How often in life do we have opportunities to express the fullness of our love and admiration for the amazing women in our lives?  This beautiful process creates a very natural space in which to give and receive love and appreciation. as we offer the woman being celebrated our blessings for the journey ahead of her.

In the crazy rush of most women’s lives, a Blessing Circle creates an oasis of stillness.  It represents a unique and lovely opportunity to celebrate our heart-connections to to the important women in our lives.

Hosting a Blessing Circle can be a beautiful gift to give to a friend. 
Ishara will meet with the hostess and the guest of honour prior to the event to plan the content of the blessing circle experience.

Prices range from $240 for a standard two hour Blessing Circle with up to 6 participants to $540 for an extended Deluxe Blessing Circle for 12 with craft materials provided.

Contact Ishara today to find out more.

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