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Come on an adventure using a magical map that’s personalised specifically for you and your unique journey through life’s challenges and changes..

Do you remember the tv show ‘This is Your Life’ (where the host surprises guests with a show documenting their lives, with audience participation from their friends and family)?

Astrology is an ancient and complex system which describes the energies and archetypes at play in our individual and collective lives.  Working experientially within the medicine wheel of the zodiac, it is possible to step inside this magical map and speak directly with the stars of your very own ‘This is Your Life’.

You do not need any astrological knowledge to benefit from this process. In fact, sometimes it works best if you don’t. Either way, it helps to bring along your curiosity and a willingness to step outside of what you already know.  You will need to know your date of birth, and it is generally helpful if you have an idea of your time and place of birth (for more accurate construction of your astrological birth chart).

In my own life I have found this way of working to be extremely helpful, especially in those moments of confusion when I was having difficulty unraveling my own feelings or when I was confronting a difficult decision and was not sure which way to jump..  Over the past 21 years insights gained within the zodiac wheel have helped me navigate my way through challenges such as years of desperately longing to conceive a baby, the end of a marriage, discovering my authentic spirituality, changes in career, as well as healing and integrating aspects of the ‘inner family’ (the imprint of my own early life experiences).

Because I love the experiential astrology work so much, last year I completed a one year certificate training with Daniel Sowelu (author of the Nova Magazine monthly astrology column) which has empowered me to facilitate this work for others. So now I am ready to share the gifts of this unique therapeutic modality with you. 🙂

Special Offer:
To get the word out, between now and Winter Solstice (22 June) I’m offering a starting special of $70 for a 60 minute experiential astrology session at my room in Fremantle on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Call me or text me on 0415 593 408 to book an appointment. 

Do you sense that you are standing at a crossroads of sorts?  Perhaps you are aware of some confusion, maybe some distress. It may not even be clear to you yet what the choices confronting you are.  Perhaps you are having strong feelings that you do not fully understand. Perhaps it is more like a clear inner knowing that things cannot continue as they are…

If you already know that you are someone who likes to learn by doing (more than by talking or reading about stuff)…
Or if you are looking for an alternative to traditional counselling or coaching techniques..
Experiential astrology may be just what you are looking for. Why not come and find out?

Radiant Woman: Opening doors into a wisdom deeper and more ancient than your conscious mind.