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Intuitive Personal Coaching to help you reach greater peace, purpose and joy.

Get clear about what really matters to you, and what you want to do about it!

What is it all about?

Personal sessions with Ishara provide a safe space to learn something new about you and what you need and want to feel fully alive and joyfully empowered in your own life. An opportunity to explore feelings and play with ideas in a judgement-free zone.

You may want to use these sessions to:

  • Get in touch with your own authentic truth about something that is happening in your life
  • Think through specific decisions that are in front of you
  • Review beliefs and values you may have taken on as a child or young adult
  • Tap into inner resources to help you tackle current challenges
  • Set creative intentions for specific changes you wish to manifest in your life over the coming weeks or months
  • Deepen your trust in life and the innate wisdom of your body-mind.

These sessions are held face to face in Fremantle or by telephone to anywhere in Australia.  They take the form of an intimate conversation, during which I will be listening deeply and asking questions designed to help us discover more about your dreams, desires, beliefs and motivations.  You will emerge from these sessions with fresh perspective and a new level of clarity about your intentions and the next steps you plan to take in order to realise them.

To get best results, I strongly suggest you book a series of three sessions or more.

Growth and learning are not straight linear processes. They are more like a spiral in that we often seem to pass the same point over and over again but from a different perspective each time.

These personal sessions are designed to support your innate process of growth and learning.

This works best when you have the opportunity to take the insights you gain in the session and apply them in your life, and then be supported to reflect on how that experience has in turn helped  to shape your evolving understanding of who you are and what you are intending create in your life.

Buy a Package and Save!

Light the Lamp  – 3 sessions for $330*

Three 90 minute sessions to dive into a current issue or challenge and gain fresh insights about the way forward..

*When paid in advance. Pre-paid sessions to be used within 3 months of purchase.

Radiantly Alive You – 6 sessions for $600*

A series of six sessions to help you focus your inner resources on a current life-challenge.

Possible topics could include:

  • Self-nurture skills & strategies,
  • Finding your power and standing in it,
  • Dispelling fear,
  • Body-image and body-awareness,
  • Asking for & finding support,
  • Letting go

* Payment in full at or prior to the first appointment. Pre-paid sessions to be used within six months of purchase.

Nine Month Journey – 13 sessions within a period of nine months – $1500

For the woman who wants to consciously embrace the gifts of her life journey as a woman and  to maximise her growth and learning as a spiritual being.   The Nine Month Journey includes a personalised ‘rite of passage’  ceremony to celebrate your growth and learning. 

Feeling like you are lost at sea?  Help is at hand.

  • Take an in depth look at what is unfolding in your life. Learn to listen to the intuitive wisdom of your body and emotions.
  • Get support to make sense of the challenges and opportunities before you.
  • Feel the exhileration in your being as you grasp your ‘spiritual surfboard’ and ride the rolling waves of change all the way home to the shore.

*Minimum upfront commitment of  $320 followed by eight monthly instalments of $110.
Additional 10% discount applies when you pay up front in full within the first month.

Casual 90 minute sessions

YOUR INVESTMENT: 90 minute appointment – $130
Healthcare card holders on low incomes – a concession is available on request. 

For mothers with little ones & others who cannot easily get out of their homes:-

For a small additional fee I offer a visiting service where I come to you – 90 minutes for $160.
I am very baby friendly – and am happy to hold your baby during the session if that helps! 😉

Contact Ishara today to find out more.