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The Radiant Woman Personal Rite of Passage is a celebration of the woman you are becoming.

Be seen with the eyes of the heart.  Be heard in your authentic truth.  Be validated and appreciated for all the learning that you have been doing. Allow yourself to truly feel the fullness of the woman you are growing to be, as you step forward with renewed courage and vigour into the next stage of your life journey.

This intimate process will give you the opportunity to

  • honour your authentic feelings,
  • bring healing to any elements of your journey which may have been painful or challenging for you,
  • recognise the growth and learning that is occuring in your life,
  • and offer love and blessings to your emerging self.

The package comprises three one-to-one consultations with Ishara, followed by a personally designed private rite of passage ceremony which Ishara will facilitate for you  in the comfort of your own home.  You may wish to invite one or two intimate friends to join us as witness your rite of passage ceremony, or you may prefer to keep it very private.

During the two initial consultations, Ishara will create a safe space for you to explore and shed light the many dimensions of who you are now and who you are in the process of becoming.

At your third appointment you will draw upon the insights gained in the previous two sessions as you work with Ishara  to co-create a plan for your personal rite of passage.

The personal rite of passage may be made at any time that a woman feels called to it.

Your investment: $500
If you are attracted by what you see described here, if it sounds like something that you could benefit from right now, please get in touch to make a date for your first appointment.

If you like the idea but are not yet certain how it could work for you, please get in contact and I’ll be happy to talk you through the process.

Other Ceremonies

I am also a registered civil marriage celebrant, and would be very happy to discuss your plans for a wedding, handfasting or commitment ceremony, or a blessing or name-giving ceremony for your child.  I love to create ceremonies for individuals, families and organisations/community groups.  I  am happy to discuss how ceremony can be used to enhance any occasion or event you are planning.

See my celebrancy website circlesofblessing.com.au

Contact Ishara today to find out more.

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