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Awesome Mother Award

Awesome Mother Award Certificate

Yesterday I went to visit a woman about a blessing and naming ceremony for her second-born child. She has a boy who is just about to turn one, who seemed full of energy and determination, as well as a little girl just two years and a couple of months old, who was into everything.. Her partner is currently working away on the rigs.

After just half an hour in her home, I was deeply inspired by the courage and grit of women who survive the experience of having two babies within a short period of time. Just keeping them both alive is a full-time occupation!

As the mother of just one boy, now eighteen years old and beginning to find his own way in the world, I was sharply reminded of how all consuming, exhausting, anxiety provoking – and often inadequately celebrated – is the task of nurturing children. Especially when you are on your own and/or have more than one child under the age of six to care for.

I felt moved to create this special award certificate, which I hope you will be inspired to print out and share with any women in your circle of family and friends who are currently mothering young children.

You can download the .pdf document in multiple versions here:-


Play date with the New Year

Welcoming in the start of a new year… A mixed media art journalling journey of discovery

Beginning the creative process


solar disk – beginnings


A phoenix is born


Solstice Phoenix


Rising out of fire


click to view larger image
In the coming year i shall sing, i shall dance, i shall make magic.
I shall commune deeply with the Creative Process.
I shall make love with every fibre of my being.
In the coming year I shall choose
to be guided by the hungers of my soul,
and take the time to cultivate
a rich relationship
with the inner life of my own imaginings.
In the coming year i shall accept
the invitation
to be receptive and responsive to the flowering of my own being,
to appreciate the magnificent abundance of all my experience,
and to regularly express my gratitude for so many blessings experienced by me.
As the year unfolds, i commit to do all within my power to cultivate
an unshakeable faith in the fundamental Goodness of Life,
And allow that more and more of my actions
and reactions
now spring instinctively from this hallowed space.

Prelude – sandtray play
Epilogue – New Year Explorations

If you would like to join me for a play date in the new year, i have some openings on Tuesday mornings in Fremantle. Do get in touch!

Blessings, Ishara

New Year Retreat Day, 1 January 2013

A day of reflection and renewal

showcasing the best of what Radiant Woman has to offer:-

Spend New Year’s Day in the relaxing environment of A Place to Just Be in East Fremantle preparing to make 2013 your best year ever…

  • Take your intention setting to a new level – we’ll put our awesome skills at your disposal to help you articulate your most important soul-desire for 2013 –  for maximum inspiration and motivation

  • Breath new  life into your dreams and fresh vitality into your body – with a guided breath process

  • Relax and refresh yourself with some much deserved down time in the beautiful environs of A Place to Just Be in East Fremantle – bring your bathers if you’d like a cooling dip in the swimming pool

  • Express & explore the colours & lines of your vision – through a meditative art process

  • Wrap up the day by welcoming in the New Year with a gentle, meaningful ceremony

$160 ($140 concession). Morning and afternoon tea & a light lunch provided.

Limit of 8 participants.  $90 non-refundable deposit to secure your place.

Contact us right away to secure a place:
Phone Ishara 0415 593 408 or email ishara@radiantwoman.com.au  
or  Miriam 0405 084 945  or email miriam@radiantwoman.com.au

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Todays workshop has showed me who I am and inspired me to be true to that” ~ Bianca, January 2012

 “Thank you Miriam and Ishara for your kind, insightful and skillful facilitation.  The insights I have in your breathwork workshops do not happen anywhere else, and I leave with confidence and commitment to achieve my full potential.”  ~ Claire, January 2012


Playtime: Christmas Grinch Workshop, 2 December 2012

While the elves are hard at work in Santa’s workshop making all those Christmas toys, the grinches, gremlins and goblins of the festive season are gathering to play…

What could make your festive season more playful, peaceful and satisfying?

Come along to this creative play workshop and make friends with your inner Christmas Grinch for lots of fun and inspiration.

What does your Grinch look like?
What does she/he have to say?
We’ll be doing a mask making activity and making our personal end of year treasure map – with plenty of paper tearing, glue and glitter –
so you can get to know your own inner Grinch better, and discover what surprises and hidden treasures she/he has to offer to you this festive season.

Sunday 2 December, 2-5pm 

Venue: Radiant Woman Playroom, Parry St, Fremantle
$25 (includes a variety of materials), something yummy to eat, and your sense of fun.

RSVP to Ishara ASAP on 0415 593 408.

Befriend the one in you who is dubious (or even down-right cynical) about the nostalgia, family expectations and commercial hype that seem to build to a frenzy as ‘Xmas’ approaches…

Ishara’s Service Charter

  • I support clients to clearly articulate in words the changes they wish to create or co-create in their own lives, to paint a sharply defined picture and get a clear sense of how it feels to realise their creative intentions for their own lives.
  • I challenge my clients to reach for a deeper insight into the limiting or empowering nature of their own beliefs and motivations – enabling ‘aha!’ moments.
  • I effectively create a safe and supportive creative space in which clients can explore and play with ideas and options they might otherwise not dare to allow themselves.
  • I trust and empower my clients to identify their own next steps forward.
  • I consciously cultivate a deep and abiding trust in the process – the process of coaching, the process of life, my own and other people’s – to take us to exactly where we need to go in order to co-create greater awareness, choice and aliveness
  • I regularly pause to reflect on my work – actively looking to grow as a person and as a coach through my own experiences both of coaching others and of being coached.
  • Every week I take time out to rest, play and refresh myself – dipping into the wellsprings of creativity and spirit in my own being – so that I come to my work juicy and of good heart.
  • I actively seek out new opportunities for learning, to hone my skills and understandings through reading, researching, and interacting with other creative & healing professionals, so that I can serve my clients even better.