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White rose as a symbol of the bride to bePassage to partnership

In the modern world of swiftly changing relationships, it often comes as a surprise how profoundly we are affected by the ritual of getting married, even if we have been living as defacto partners for many years. Standing in a ceremonial space in the witness of our friends and family to pledge our mutual commitment to an abiding love and care touches a deep place in our psyches. Superficially it may seem that not much has changed, yet getting married is a significant cultural act. It carries with it a weight of unconscious beliefs and expectations absorbed from our environment from earliest infancy about what it means to be ‘a wife’. It changes how we feel – in many ways for better and sometimes for worse…

Blessing ceremony for the bride-to-be

An alternative to the conventional ‘hens night’ – for a woman on the eve of public commitment to her beloved (whether she is preparing for a legal wedding or some alternative commitment ceremony,eg. hand-fasting.)

There are special moments in each of our lives when a woman deserves to be honoured like the queen that she is. This is surely one of them!

Whether she is young or old, marrying for the first time or marrying again, a woman blossoms when surrounded by the love and support of her intimate women friends. When we gather a women’s circle to bless the bride-to-be, we become witnesses to life’s astonishing beauty and power, the greening force that moves through our lives, leaving nothing unchanged. Together we create an intimate, nurturing space in which it is easy and natural to speak from our hearts – offering our love, appreciation and support to this unique and beautiful woman as she readies herself to make sacred promises to her beloved.

Every new beginning is also an ending. As a woman stands on the threshold of a public commitment to life-long partnership and deepening intimacy, she is also saying farewell to her old life, her old idea of herself.
By symbolically tying-off any ‘loose ends’ and releasing any unfinished business, a woman can free herself to move forward joyfully and whole-heartedly into her desired deep commitment to her beloved spouse-to-be.

Unless she is marrying her first love, a woman most often brings to marriage a history of loves and lovers that has shaped her sense of herself and her capacity for relationship. A simple candle-lighting ceremony can open
the possibility to review her life journey from this new perspective: here where she stands as the woman-on-the-eve-of-marriage. As she retraces in her own mind her previous loves and/or experiences of sexual intimacy she can honour and bring peace to the difficulties and disappointments of past relationship experiences and reclaim their gifts.

Washed clean ready for a new beginning, the bride is lovingly pampered and showered with good wishes and tokens of affection that will help sustain her through her wedding day and through the years that follow.


Custom-designed weddings and handfasting ceremonies


Ishara is a registered civil marriage celebrant, and would be delighted to discuss how you can get married with the ceremony of your choice.

Ishara is also available to design and facilitate hand-fastings and commitment ceremonies for couples who want to have their mutual love and commitment witnessed and blessed by their family/community without getting legally married.

Do you desire to have your union blessed by the Goddess? 
On request,  Ishara will happily draw on her skills as a priestess of the Great Goddess to invoke the blessings of the Divine Feminine upon your union.