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Radiant Woman Doll-making Circle: Wisewoman Dolls – Saturday 9th November 2013

Dolls have magical powers – they can companion us through the many ups and downs, changes and challenges of life. Come along to this Radiant Woman playspace and learn to make a simple cloth doll to represent the inner/archetypal Wise Woman or Grandmother. You can make your doll for yourself, or as a unique gift for a special girl or woman in your life.

The tradition of doll making is ancient, and the pattern for these particular dolls is inspired by the Russian/Slavic folk tradition.This is a play space, so please bring along an open mind and heart, and drop any old ideas you may have about your own creative abilities. When spirit leads us, we can often be amazed what we have in us to create!

Added bonus: while you work on your doll, you get to meet and chat with other interesting women and discover what threads of connection exist or may be woven between you.

Date: Saturday 9th November

Time: 13:00 until 16:30

Venue: 24 Parry St, Fremantle, Western Australia

Cost: $40 ($30 concession). 
All materials, instruction and afternoon tea are supplied, although you may like to bring along a piece of fabric/clothing that has personal significance to upcycle into your doll for added magic.

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**Bookings and pre-payment are essential. Call me, Ishara de Garis on 0415593408 to reserve your place.**

“The Grandmothers say it is time for the women of the world to own their innate wisdom. With the profoundly loving and sustaining power of the sacred feminine in the very marrow of our bones, women can return the world to the Garden of Eden it was meant to be.”