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Summer Solstice Invitation – 20 Dec 2014 in Fremantle

Here in Perth the days are getting long, the weather is beginning to warm, and summer is on the way!  I know this is a busy time of year for many people, managing end of year work deadlines, juggling social engagements and family commitments.Nonetheless, it is important that we take some time for ourselves to stop and breath, to check in with our hearts and souls, to celebrate our own being and claim our own truths. 
I would be delighted to have your company on Saturday 22 December for a sunset picnic at South Beach, followed by a sacred feminine mystery ceremony in our women’s temple space (at 24 Parry St)  to celebrate the glorious radiance of the Divine Feminine in her power and authority as Queen of Heaven, embodied in each one of us in our own unique way.
Perhaps it has been a while since you gave yourself the pleasure of connecting with your spirit sisters in a sacred and self-honouring way?  Perhaps you are an old friend we haven’t seen in some time, or perhaps it is all very new and strange for you, and you are not quite sure what happens in our gatherings?  Either way, please know that this invitation is extended from my heart to yours, in the hope that it will bring you joy and a deeper sense of connection and peace.   (If you have questions or concerns, please talk to me – I’m very friendly!)
If you can’t manage the ceremony part of the evening, you are still most welcome to join us for sunset at the beach. Bring picnic food to share and meet me at South Beach on the grass (at the end furthest from the cafe, closest to the yatch club). Bring a drum if you wish. I’;ll be there from 6pm onward. Sun sets at around 7:20pm

Once we’ve seen the sun down, we’ll move back to the large room at 24 Parry St, to open our Goddess temple and complete our sacred feminine mystery ceremony together. Bookings for ceremony essential – cost is $30. RSVP to Ishara 0415593408 or ishara@radiantwoman.com.au
Summer Solstice 2014

  • Now is the time for us to come in to our own. Time for each of us to step into the power and authority of our own embodied experience, and speak our truth with love. 
  • Celebrate the awesome mystery of She Who Lights the World. Meet the face of the divine feminine whose throne is the sun and whose chariot is drawn by lions. Feel that life giving fire pulse in your own heart. 
  • We connect with the sisterhood of all women alive as we take hands and face up to this potent and transformational time on our beautiful planet home. 
Blessings of the summer season to you! 
with love & joy,
Helping you bring your Heart & Soul to Life!
Radiant Woman ~ Intuitive Coaching & Ceremonies