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Second baby on the way

When we began, what I wanted from my coaching sessions was to answer “How do I manage with a toddler and a new baby?” Ishara coached me to create an intention that went beyond just “managing” to having a “relaxed, joyful, loving first six months, feeling nurtured and supported…” The overall theme that emerged from my sessions was to “trust my instincts” which was very reassuring for a new mum.

I found Ishara to be a highly insightful coach who used her finely tuned listening and intuition to discover the underlying emotion behind what I brought to each coaching session. She also asked incredibly perceptive questions which allowed me to discover the bigger picture behind what I needed or looked to create.

I had six one-hour coaching sessions with Ishara, including both face-to-face and telephone coaching. The outcome from each session ranged from the very practical (e.g. have a discussion with my husband), to the personal (e.g. prioritise self-care), to the spiritual (e.g. create a ritual), and inspiring (e.g. be brave, independent and follow my impulse). Ishara handled my heightened post-birth emotions with gentleness and grace, and I felt very comfortable shedding a few tears during our coaching sessions.

She was also great at redirecting my toddler and settling my newborn in order for my coaching sessions to continue. I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Ishara, especially to women who are facing major life changes, such as pregnancy, birth and having a new baby.

Justine & baby

Justine Ward, Bicton, WA
(Mum to James 2 years and Lachlan 7 weeks old)