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Reclaiming happiness – Paula’s story

When I first meet Ishara, I was in a desperate time in my life. I had tried IVF 2 times without success and I was very unhappy with my life.

Over the years I have read many self help books, but none of them helped me to identify the real causes of my unhappiness.  After a couple of coaching sessions with Ishara, I came to look hard and deep within me for some answers.  I realised that I had been harbouring, not just a little, but sometimes a lot of resentment and bitterness, towards someone, something, and even myself.

In my sessions with Ishara I found a safe, supported place to experience all the feelings that I have had for many years, but did not want to experience because the pain was too big.  These feelings were preventing me from achieving things I wanted in my life, through the emotional blocks I had created, and the limiting beliefs I had instilled in myself much earlier in my life.   The coaching process helped me to understand on a much deeper level that part of being happy is creating and allowing the ability to let go of the things we have been burdening ourselves with for years!  I came to truly understand that forgiveness is vital if you are looking for peace, health, freedom, and happiness.

If I had not met Ishara, I would have continued to move through life without living it. Today I allow myself to feel all my feelings and live my life to the full.

Over the course of six coaching sessions, I came to understand that forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting or condoning what that person has done.  It’s an act of self-interest where we can let go, so we can move on, and allow the wonderful, loving and healthy things to show up in our lives.  My life coaching sessions have given me the place and the ability to achieve forgiveness and have helped me to let go.

At the beginning I could not talk about pregnancy or motherhood, nor have a really good relationship with my own mother.

I am currently working on healing my relationship with my mother. At present my mother and I are having the best relationship that we have had for the last 14 years. And regarding my motherhood: I am loving life, looking inside of myself for how I am before I take further steps toward becoming a mother myself.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ishara  for showing me the way to change my life.

Paula Poletti


I would like to give testimony on the changes and progress my sister made while attending the life
coaching session with Ishara. It has being amazing to see how much my sister has progress and
the most amazing attitude towards people and life she acquired. I found that her relationship with
our mother has improved so much, it has created a more loving and compassionate relationship
between them both. Paula’s ability to relax and take situations as well as people as they are, blows
me away every time. She has found a way where she let go of so much clutter our life has led us
to have and found freedom and happiness in her life. I love the way she now speaks with so much
kindness and love towards people in her life. I am so proud of my sister for having done this for
herself and having found someone to help her so much.

Viviana Leon