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Getting in touch with inner wisdom

I suffered a lot of anger, low self esteem and body image distortion. One of my coping mechanisms over the years, ironically, has been to appear, confident, strong and fiercely independent. A very masculine approach.  November last year an incident on what was supposed to be a relaxing get away with my partner, highlighted that I need to resolve this once and for all.

I began a search on the internet. I was aware I had all the wisdom inside me and needed someone who could work with that. That’s when I came across one of Ishara’s websites. It mentioned the inner/creative/spiritual life feeling a little stuck, stagnant or neglected. And the concept of spiritual companionship. ‘Rather than providing answers to the questions or issues which concern you, Ishara will join you in sitting attentively with them to see where they may lead.’ This felt so very right.

I contacted Ishara and within the day we had arranged an appointment for the next week.

My first meeting with Ishara was on a hot summer day after work. I left work, from the city straight into peak hour traffic jams and I got every red light. With my stress levels high, my chattering mind was telling me that all the red lights were telling me that I was on the wrong path and I began to worry about whether I was doing the right thing, finding someone on the net and then going to their home to reveal myself. I began to feel quite exposed and I hadn’t even arrived.

But when I arrived, Ishara met me out the front and invited me into a caravan parked out the front of her home. It was beautiful inside! Immediately I was calmed by the soft aromas of incense and essential oils but most of all Ishara’s tranquil and gentle demeanor.  That first hour with Ishara made more impact on me that anything had for a long time. Her ability to be truly present inspired me to do the same. She was clearly so in tune with her intuition, exuding a quiet but powerful wisdom. What captured me about Ishara was her ability to guide me to find the answer within and suggesting pathways that may enhance my growth. I walked out of there that day feeling totally empowered.

Since that day, I have seen Ishara at least monthly. The changes this year have been phenomenal. More powerful than I ever could have imagined.  I have taken steps toward change & improvement that I never would have taken without Ishara’s guidance, which has helped me step into the role of helping women step into their best selves.

I highly recommend any woman who wants to enhance her growth, committing herself to the process Ishara takes you through.

E. Morris, Booragoon WA 6154