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Opportunities for healing

I came to see Ishara for the first time at the beginning of my pregnancy. At the time, I was feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of having another child for so many reasons, some of which I was aware of and for some reasons that I was unaware of at the time. The anxiety and worry prompted me to look for help and guidance.

I was aware that this pregnancy and upcoming birth was bringing me massive opportunities to heal my own birth traumas, my own time in my mother’s womb, and my own childhood. I wanted to make the most of this opportunity to heal this deep wounding. I started a search to find a therapist/counsellor that addressed pregnancy as a time of transition and healing, and who could guide me through this with no judgement and in a sensitive and productive way. Eventually, I came across Ishara’s website and she ticked all the marks so I began my sessions with her.

Throughout the sessions, I find Ishara to be a unique, intuitive, sensitive and experienced guide. She helps me to see that it’s ok to feel how I feel, and she makes the exploration of my wounded internal world a fascinating and eventful experience. Yes, I feel those deep hurt places, but the combination of my courage to go there, and Ishara’s knowledge of how to go there in a sensitive and safe way, makes those journeys and revelations so amazing. I cannot imagine having gone through my pregnancy without her sessions.

I would highly recommend Ishara to women who are feeling overwhelmed by pregnancy, and to women in general, especially those going through periods of transition because I feel that these are the times when many opportunities for healing come. I am so glad that I have made the most of this pregnancy to heal places that I would otherwise have found difficult to touch. So thank you so much to Ishara for helping me to go there.’